iXPath is an iPaaS-type solution facilitating the digitisation of flows with all types of partners, ERP, mobile applications, connected objects and Web platforms.

Toward a successful

Based on a “services” type architecture, iXPath offers numerous connectors to model and manage your data exchanges whatever the business processes.

EDI, B2B flows, EAI, Web Services, information exchanges via mobile application or connected objects: iXPath answers your internal or external data exchange problems.

The benefits

Platform concept

iXPath schema
Base de données illustration


Data storage space on the platform. All types of data can be stored on iXPath in order to :

  • Enrich processes with the data present in the data hub.
  • Monitor flows with data taken during the processes.
  • Manage information tables in order to convert certain data during processing.


2-level flow monitoring functions :

  • User level: flow monitoring with functional data, user-oriented processing monitoring.
  • Technical level: detailed monitoring of the different bricks of a scenario. Technical monitoring of the scenario with the possibility of accessing all stages of a treatment and recovering input, intermediate and output files.


Set of connectors to fit :

  • Different client communication protocols: MQ Series, X400, AMQP, FTPS, AS2, JDBC database, OFTP, OCR, SMTP/POP3 …
  • Different applications: SAP, WMS Savoye, Excel, PDF, Odoo…
Nuage API


API manager allowing :

  • To configure its own iXPath APIs in order to retrieve and transmit data stored on the platform to client applications.
  • To set up APIs to request remote applications to transmit and retrieve data.


  • Tool that allows the creation of one or more Webforms to integrate them into a data processing workflow.
  • Ability to define a web portal for all types of flows: suppliers, customers, carriers, logistics providers, etc.


  • Graphical tool for designating the business processes to be modelled.
  • Processing scenarios are built using this tool based on the BPMN standard and use communication, transformation, data routing, etc bricks.

Integration of your business process in service mode

Whatever the defined scenario, a customised monitoring of flows is suggested according to the users’ needs with information search capabilities based on functional data (order number, BL number, dates, customer code etc.). In addition, a detailed technical follow-up is also provided in order to trace the different stages of a scenario.

Certification Drummond logo

iXPath v3 (AS2 module)
Drummond certified

the latest version of iXPath V3 is certified “Advanced certification for AS2” by the Drummond Group, guaranteeing the integrity and security of data exchanges.

AS2 is one of the most widely adopted messaging standards in the world. Protect your business information with a certified solution.

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