Documents flow

iXPath offers its users information flow digitalisation solutions based on standard or specific business processes.

flux de documents

Our standards

These processes can be delivered as standard and adapted to the needs of our customers.

Processus de vente


Sales order, delivery note, acknowledgement of receipt of goods, Invoices.

Processus d'achat


Purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, payment notices.

Processus logistique


Acknowledgement of receipt, confirmation of receipt, goods preparation, confirmation of preparation, dispatch advice, status and goods movements.

Processus transports


Transport orders, transport statuses, transport invoices.

Processus automobile


Delivery schedules, delivery calls, delivery notes, invoices.

Modelisation des processus

Process modeling

In addition to these standard processes, iXPath can be used to model any business process: maintenance, production, administrative flows, health, port flows, quality processes, automotive JIT / JIS processes, etc.

iXPath processes all types of documents regardless of the standards used to digitise them: EDIFACT, ANSI X12, TRADACOM, INOVERT, VDA, ODETTE, XML, PDF, JSON, SAP IDOCS, CSV, XLSX etc.

We offer a catalogue of connectors to establish all types of communication with its business partners: REST API, FTP(s), S-FTP, http(s), OFTP, MQ Series, AMQP, X400, VAN GXS, AS2, Mail IN/OUT etc.

Our solution interfaces with all types of applications and web platforms: SAP, Oracle ERP, SAGE, MS Dynamics, Infor M3, etc., as well as with all types of business applications such as production management, WMS, TMS, maintenance management, and e-commerce platforms etc.

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