About us

iXPath was born in 2013, founded by a team of experts in dematerialisation / digitalisation / integration / management of B2B flows (EDI/EAI), with more than 20 years of experience in this field.
iXPath has several leading integrator partners, present on 3 continents and offers 24/7 support in different languages.

What is ​iXPath?

Equipped with the latest technologies, iXPath is an iPaaS solution (Integration Platform as a Service) facilitating the digitisation of flows with all types of partners, ERP, mobile applications, connected objects and Web platforms.
iXPath accompanies its customers all over the world thanks to the international presence of its integrator partners and thus covers EMEA, APAC and soon the American continent.

Integrating your business processes in service mode

Our expertise in integrating business processes in service mode allows you to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your business. Whether you are looking to streamline your document workflows, automate the management of your electronic invoices, or provide an exceptional customer experience through personalized web portals, we are here to support you.

Documents flow

Simplify the flow of information within your organization by automating document flows. Our solution helps you save time, reduce errors and improve collaboration between teams.

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Dematerialised invoices

Say goodbye to paperwork and take a more modern approach to invoice management. Our paperless invoicing system helps you reduce costs, accelerate payments and strengthen tax compliance.


Web Portals

Give your customers, partners and employees secure online access to personalized portals. Create seamless, engaging online experiences to strengthen your web presence and improve stakeholder satisfaction.

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Certification Drummond logo

iXPath v3 (AS2 module)
Drummond certified

A new Drummond certification is required for any major new version of software to remain complaint with industry standards and interoperability requirements. Following the release of the latest version (V3) of iXPath and a thorough phase of testing, we are pleased to announce that iXPath V3 has obtained the Drummond “Advanced certification for AS2 Products” enabling a reliable and secure solution.

This certification futureproofs the services offered to clients in terms of security and interoperability by ensuring that information exchanged within ecosystems is protected against intrusions, unauthorised interceptions and other potential threats.iXPath, certified among market leaders such as Amazon and IBM!

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